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May 16
Bodhi is absolute brilliance. He's like a diamond, he shines so bright. Every single person here in Italy stops us on the street to admire, gawk, kiss his beautiful face and tell us one of three things: Che bello, Che carino, Che piccolo. How beautiful, how adorable, how small.
I am not exaggerating when I say every single person.

I love the Italian admiration of babies. I feel like a VIP Hollywood movie star wherever I go, with people giving me giant grins, congratulatory words, and special treatment galore. Oh a baby, please, come this way. A baby? Sure, you can come into our restaurant now, and we will prepare food for him. No problem. If we did not have a baby in our arms, I am pretty certain they would not have allowed us into some of the resorts and such where we have gone, what with us looking so ragged in our handwashed wrinkled garments, but with a baby, sure, come on in.

We had a difficult stretch again today, driving from town to town as each didn't quite feel right, and we were aimlessly trying to find a place to settle between Casselvecchia di puglia and Bari. We finally ended up in an area with a terme (natural thermal waters...we have a nose for these things), and drove around looking for a b&b that suited our needs, when we came across a man speaking English who rented out apartments. He guided us to a few and we took one...Free a few minutes there we knew it was NOT the place for us. We had a sinking feeling.  It felt sketch from the first moment. I felt depressed in there. Chris was regretting not staying with new family friends in Casselvecchio. Here we were, sitting in this depressing old hovel that felt as if someone had just died there...wondering, 'what are we even DOING here?!' We finally did the hard thing and totally bailed. Most people who travel know this feelinhg, and have awkwardly left a place after saying they would take it. It's so unnerving to do, so i told Chris to use me as an excuse. Poor guy often has to do these types of things, while I stay behind with the baby. Anyone who travels 'by the seat of their pants' like we do DEFINITELY knows this buyers remorse.

So we made it to the next town Barletta, around 7pm, after hauling all of our things back out of the apartment and into the car, and i have to admit - i saw on the gps we were heading right for a Best Western and got excited. Sure enough, perfect price, perfect place. It even has warm cushy slippers, a pool, and gasp, room service. i feel so decadent staying in an American hotel after weeks without amenities Americans consider basic. Still no bathtub, only a cramped shower. But hey, we take what we can get.

But my point about Bodhi's brilliance was how amazing he was at that shitty apartment. He saw a set of old doors separating the kitchen and living room and was proceeding to open-close-open-close them, time and again with the most enormous smile and shrieks of satisfaction. I thought, 'even here? happy even here? Baby, you are way less high maintenance than your momma!'

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