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Are you a Traveler-at-Heart?

Take this simple quiz to find out!

Are you a traveler-at-heart?
take this simple quiz to find out!

Are you able to adapt to most situations with a clear head or are you easily flustered?  Are you a planner or do you just 'wing it'? 

Flexible people are more comfortable traveling because it is essential to be able to accomodate changes in plans.  It is OK if you are a planner, as long as you are able to leave those plans behind when necessary and follow a new path when the situation demands.  Long term travelers tend to be people who are able to go with the flow of a situation.  There are inevitably problems that arise in travel. Missed flights, dirty apartments, train workers on strike, inclement weather, cancelled tours. Being able to change plans and find a new solution to a problem is a big part of being a traveler. If you are traveling in pairs or a group, group problem solving and mediation is also an important skill to have! There are often conflicts and changes of direction, and you must be open in order to find a new way.

Do you generally see the glass as half-full or half-empty? Eternal optimists make for the best travelers.

Are you interested in new places, seeing new things, meeting new people?
If you aren't interested in the greater world around you, if you aren't always wondering what this place could be like, what it could teach you, what is beyond this frontier...you are not a true traveler-at-heart. Lifelong travelers have lists of places they would like to go, not just sights, but experiences. They want to run with the bulls in Pamplona, trek across Mongolia, visit Antarctica, bike through all of the countryside of France, meet the Dalai Lama, see the Great Barrier Reef... For each trip they go on, they discover five more they want to take.  Their journeys are never complete.  People who are not travelers at heart get tired of the experiencing...they tire of the pace, the discomforts, the desire to see more is not there, and the pull toward home is stronger than the urge to embark again.

Do you like to have your environment just so, with everything in its place? 
Are you OK with not having your usual comforts? Or do you need to have your Diet Coke at 9AM every morning? 

If you need to have certain things, they become a barrier to a life of travel.  Some places do not have diet cokes at all...other places it is warm, or costs 5 euros a can. You have to be willing to change your habits if you are going to travel for a long period of time. OK, there is no cola here, I will try Turkish coffee.  The more needs you have in your life, the harder it is to fulfill them on the road.  Over time people become disgruntled and annoyed with traveling if their needs are not met. If your needs entail specific items, like a certain kind of toothpaste or a particular food, you can encounter difficulties while traveling. True travelers may have favorite foods or lotions, but they can do without these comforts if it means being able to experience something different.  Travelers want to try a diet of yak butter and black tea while in Bhutan, wine and antipasti in Italy, beer and french fries with mayonnaise while in Belgium, fresh salmon in Seattle, spicy veggie curry in India. Being where you are requires adapting your life to fit the customs of a place, and that often means living out of your comfort zone in some respects. 

Do you see the world as filled with potential opportunities and adventures, or as filled with obstacles and dangers?

If you are more worried about traveling because of the dangers of flying or visiting a big city like Paris or London, or nervous about going to places like Greece or Nepal with potential unrest or political instability, more worried than you are excited about the prospects of seeing these places, than you are not likely a traveler at heart. Travelers see the world as filled with possible adventures and discoveries. They may 'play it safe' and choose to go to places that are stable, but they do not let fears stand in their way.

Do you feel like you have never found 'your place' or have no desire to be settled? Do you think that no place really defines who you are, but rather that there are aspects that suit your personality in cities and countries scattered all over the globe?

If so, you are a traveler, in search of places that resonate with pieces of yourself. You are continually searching for that place you truly belong, that complements you, or you are comfortable with the idea that no such place exists and rather you bounce from place to place enjoying aspects of a city that you love, then finding another passion fulfilled somewhere else. 

Is your lifetime dream to be able to work from anywhere, not being tied to a place, but being able to sustain yourself working on the go? 

If so, you are a traveler, because we all seek this kind of lifestyle - being able to work from home, or work from wherever suits our needs.  Having two weeks off a year just isn't an option. So in order to travel, you choose jobs that are either below your abilities, or that don't pay well or have some other sacrifices in order to have the lifestyle of travel that you desire. This is often the quandry of a traveler...how to sustain the lifestyle and make it work. This is also the aspect of a traveler's life that most people do not understand. Why do you work at that job as a barista in Spain when you are an accountant? Why do you take off for several months and deplete your savings?  Why don't you get a better paid job and settle down and buy a house like the rest of us?  Well, it often isn't that easy when travel is the goal. Travelers at heart have bumped up against this dilemma at least once in their lifetimes, if not again and again. How to make the lifestyle work is the question.  Sometimes the answers are not the easiest to explain.

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Well, after taking that quiz, I've discovered that I'm a traveler, but not an extreme one. I love to travel for a month at a time, but need a home base - one where I can come home and be with family and close friends. Then after a few months, I'm ready to go out in search of new adventures again!

by Louise

i failed miserably...i must be a "home-body"...but love to read about your travels. haha! i even dread weekend trips...throws me off my mellow groove :)

by emily

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